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Dear whatever your name ist,

I'm a little frustrated today. Maybe it's just 'cause of the grey sky above me. So I have to calm myself down with a shower and tidying up my room for my move to Hannover. Just start with select the things I need there.
But I'm in anger with these sort of guys they don't answer to important messages its. It's a disease of the digital world. When we don't get an answer in one or about a couple of hours, we're angry. Then, afer 2 or 3 days, we hate this guy.
I don't want to run around to get my things back. In future I wan't borrow everything ... first I'm naiv and then I got so much useless stress 'cause of other people untrustworthiness ...
  • Listening to: radio
  • Reading: my own blog entry
  • Watching: on the pc screen
  • Playing: life 4d real life stuff ... wow, that's creepy rea
  • Eating: coconut stuff and yoghurt with some healthy stuff
  • Drinking: i ... need ... sugarfree energydrink
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August 12, 2015


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